how|ev|er [ hau`evər ] function word ***
However can be used in the following ways:
as a way of showing how a sentence is related to what has already been said:
Prices have been rising. It is unlikely, however, that this increase will continue.
as an adverb (before an adjective or adverb):
However hard he tried, he could not control his feelings. (before much or many ):
However much they earn, they will never be satisfied. (starting a question):
However did you manage to make him change his mind?
as a conjunction (joining two clauses):
You can arrange the furniture however you want.
However you look at it, it's an enormous problem.
1. ) used for giving surprising information used when you are saying something that seems surprising after your previous statement, or that makes your previous statement seem less true:
The president was confident of success. His advisers were not so sure, however.
Diamond mining is a highly profitable industry. There are, however, certain risks involved.
2. ) used for changing the subject used when you are changing the subject:
I'm delighted I could be here today. However, I didn't come here to talk about myself.
3. ) when the amount or degree does not make a difference used for saying that it makes no difference how good, bad, difficult, etc. something is or how much there is of something:
however good/well/bad/badly/hard etc.: She would still love him however badly he behaved.
If you take money from the fund, however small the amount, you must record it in this book .
however much/many: We're determined to have a wonderful vacation, however much it costs.
However many times you explain things, you can never get him to understand.
however long something takes: We are determined to solve this problem, however long it takes.
4. ) used for emphasizing how SPOKEN used instead of how in questions for emphasizing that you think something is surprising:
The original documents got lost. However did that happen?
5. ) in whatever way in whatever way someone chooses:
We let the kids decorate their rooms however they want to.
However you look at it, this is very worrying news.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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